Through the Looking Glass, A View of Vietnam

One of the best things about being a blogger/reader/traveler is that I frequently come across information about countries and places I have

Peter Leafman and Margaret

never been.  Like many others, I tend to return to places I love, which obviously limits any travel to those undiscovered worlds.  I recently came across a website called FreeWheeling Traveler (created by Peter Leafman) which proved to be a mine of posts from new and different countries and cities.  One blogger, Rich Wolf, is a keen observer and a global citizen in that he appreciates the differences in culture while noting both the positive and the negative aspects of various issues.

Vietnam Hadong photo
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Here is an excerpt from his post on Vietnam from earlier this year: “We were met by Mr. Thoung, our guide for the next three days. He is 65, and during the Vietnam War, he was an interpreter for the 101st Airborne. After the 101st left in February 1972, he stayed to look after his mother and family. When the communists drove the Americans out, he was imprisoned for eight months. A failed escape attempt with his family via boat in 1980 earned him another 2.5 years in prison. With the opening of Vietnam in the early 90s, he was able to get into the tourist industry and make use of his English language skills. While unhappy with the government, he is staying because his four children, all of whom are college educated and well established, do not want to leave, and because he is now the patriarch of his extended family consisting of over 200. ”

Here is the link to the rest of this fascinating article: Rich Wolf’s Vietnam


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