New Year on Earth Resolutions


We are informed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand that “We don’t want to believe what we know.”

Whether it is oil sands, coral reefs, the plastic world of the seas, global warming, glacier reduction, overfishing, hunger, deforestation, or refugees, “…our life is tied to the well being of our planet,” he says. Yet, we, as a specie,  are in a state of denial so boundless that we live each day skating upon a surface of willful ignorance poised to collapse at its weakest points. Will it be the oceans that die first, devoid of most fish and the necessary ecological components to clean itself? Will it be our momentum and modern technologies that suffer when the oil is finally gone? Will it be our children who pay the price of reduced cognition due to a reliance on technological devices?

All of you probably recycle. Good start. The question becomes, what will you contribute next to the health of the planet? Instead of personal New Year’s Resolutions this year, please join me and take on something big for the world this January. Take on something you will FEEL, so that you can acknowledge and honor this contribution on a regular basis. What new task will you take on for the health of planet Earth?

The picture below is of the North Pole last summer. Ten years ago, you could not have traversed these northern latitudes by boat at any time of the year. Now it is like sailing through leaves from autumn trees.

What New Year on Earth Resolution will you make?

Personally, I resolve to cut my plastic use by 50% or more. Heading out now to get a bottle brush so I can reuse the SOBE bottles I already have.  I also chose not to wrap gifts this year to save on paper use.

One thought on “New Year on Earth Resolutions

  1. Thank you so much for sharing , it moves me so to see in my short time the destruction to all I have seen in my time, of my time. I’m afraid that this may be a History that may not have a place to go down in, on, to, as such, I ask that we change, and join the power minded folks like yourself. In doing so willing folks like us do get to be a part of our own say. .. Our legacy can be to Save the Earth, if not our own asses.

    Love all your busy stuff, Smiles on my face.



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