Google has taken measures to speed up its search engine. A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News says that this refinement will save users 2 to 5 seconds. Think about that! Two to five seconds. Why, with those time-savings, a person could:

Blink several times

Sneeze once, maybe twice

Pop a zit

Get from 0 to 30 in a high powered car

Kiss a lover

Swat a fly

Push the send button on an email

Delete spam

Put a dish in the dishwasher,

Or, lift it out

Toss something in the garbage,

Or, Blot your lipstick.

An experienced mom could remove a wet diaper but not a messy one.

Speaking of poop, a dog owner might, in 2-5 seconds, stoop down and scoop some into a plastic bag.

If Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin appeared on the television screen, you would have time to grab the remote and change the channel.

Sequentially, you could add meat, milk, muffins, and M and Ms to your grocery cart.

An efficient secretary would gain enough time to:

            Answer one call

            Refresh her/his lipstick or chapstick

            Get half-way to the coffee machine

            Water one plant

            Get as far as ‘Did you hear about…?’ in a gossip session

Perhaps, a CEO, with all that time on his or her hands, might:

Sign one document

Log in to email

Spin around twice in his/her ergonomic executive chair

Gaze briefly out the window at the trees and hills beyond

While a teacher could:

Write the date on the board

Call one student to “Quiet”.

Pick up gum off the floor

Scowl at the student who dropped it

Answer a short question

Someone would have time enought to read through a “Quote of the Day”: “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Anonymous

Finally, a Republican politician in Washington, DC would probably use those 2-5 seconds to think of one new way to block the immigration reform.

For all these actions and more, we can give thanks to the god of Google.


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