Suite101 – Getting a fix on writing, getting a writing fix

Suite101 is a website born of two dominant trends: the need for information and the opportunity for advertising wherever information exists on-line.  The first is obvious, and the second is expedient.  Hundreds of thousands of articles on an encyclopedic number of subjects reside at Suite101.  Those articles are a platform for discrete advertisements, all placed in the hope that a reader will click on the link and visit the advertiser’s site.

Thousands of writers of different stripes call Suite101 their publisher of record.  They do not need to wait for an editor to assign a story because Suite authors can write about whatever they want, as long as the content is true, original, documented, and well-written.  They are not bound by a single topic and can move between Health and Travel or Education and Business.  To date I’ve written in over a dozen topic areas, with subjects popping up to interest me from as many directions.

A friend sent an email about her daughters running an extreme-style race called the Warrior Dash.  Never having heard of the Dash, I was intrigued, and after doing considerable research, I wrote the article. As it turns out, the Dash is not all that extreme, though people can get injured if they try really hard.  Essentially, it’s a Huck Finn dream come true, all mud and fire, and gettin’ down to it.

Another article sprang from the real life pains and disasters of people I know well.  They seemed to come up in a cluster: health issues, marital problems, and other catastrophes.  In formulating the article, I tried to determine what they had in common and, more important, how those who wanted to could be of genuine assistance.  This was one occasion when I truly appreciated the Topic Editors that Suite 101 has in abundance.  Shortly after I published this article, the Topic Editor wrote me and made some suggestions that would tighten the article and create a solid focus.  Naturally, I made the changes, and the article was better for it.

News stories too, have proven a fruitful impetus to writing.  A story about Rudolfo Brazda, a German concentration camp survivor, put me on the search for information about the rosa Winkel, the pink triangles that homosexual men had to wear once they were captured and imprisoned by Hitler’s Third Reich.  Brazda lived another 56 years after the wars end largely because of the “kindness of strangers.”  He and others waited decades to tell their stories because, in many countries, homosexuality was illegal until quite recently.

Whatever my mood, whatever strikes my interest, I have been finding an outlet in prose, and a way to provide others with information that may prove as fascinating for them as writing for Suite101 has been for me.


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