A Letter Home to the Parent

April 21, 2010

Dear Mrs. ______________,

I’ve tried many times to reach you by phone over the past several months, and I’ve sent nearly a dozen messages via Teleparent, the website that aids teachers by dialing home numbers and sending specific messages to our students’ parents. but I have yet to actually speak with you. In addition, I asked your son to deliver a note to you two weeks ago, but not having had any response, I decided certified letter was probably the best option.

The issue I want to discuss is the crisis we are reaching with your son, _______, in the English 3 classroom.  It has been a growing problem since the beginning of the year,  when, as I notified you by phone, he began emitting piercing whistles in the middle of the lesson, trying, successfully I might add, to distract the rest of the students and get a laugh.  Naturally, I asked him to stop, pointing out that the noise interrupted the flow of the material.  He would most frequently respond to my cautions by laughing, winking at his friend across the room, and whistling again.  “Yeah, right, Mzzzzzzz Castleton.” After class or after school discussions did not seem to have any positive impact.  He would agree that school was a place where certain work needed to be done, where a community of learners could accomplish more in a peaceful environment, and where students could gain the skills they would need for the future, but, unfortunately, there was no lessening of the acting out.

The whistling, combined with the flying of paper airplanes, getting up out of his chair to sharpen his pencil at the wastebasket near the door four or five times each class period, turning around to discuss the lunchtime soccer/football match with his neighbor and then arguing about whether one team had been cheated out of a win, shooting rubber bands across the room and occasionally hitting another student on the cheek/eye/shoulder/chest, rolling his eyes when asked to behave appropriately, or curling his lip in an insolent fashion and making kissing noises, have made it difficult for those students who want to study to do so.  It makes no difference to ________ how engaging the lesson is, or how much enthusiasm his fellow students are showing; your son is determined to disrupt the learning process.

Because of his refusal to comply with any requests, to demonstrate caring for the goals of his classmates, and for his disregard for any person’s authority, I have lately determined that _____________ will be subject to a policy granted by the Educational Policy Commission whereby any student whose classroom behavior is egregious will be suspended from class for a minimum of two days each week.

This is your official notification of that process.


B. Castleton

English 3

To the office:Please make fifteen copies of this letter, fill in the appropriate name from the list attached, cross out soccer or football depending on the ethnicity (ease, but not offense, intended), choose from cheek, eye, shoulder, chest in the third paragraph and scratch through the others, your choice, and then send certified mail to the addresses on the list attached.  Each one of the students on the list is suspended from class for two days: students whose last name begins with A-L should not come to class on Monday and Wednesday of next week, students whose last name begins with M-Z will be suspended on Tuesday and Thursday.  Each student has 6-10 zeros in English 3 due to work not completed or started.  If they attend Saturday School on the 24th, they can make-up up to three of those zeroes, giving them a chance to learn a bit and pass the course in spite of themselves.Thank you for your help.B. Castleton

English 3

Larking about in English class.

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